How do I move a file from one folder to a different folder

I need to move a file from 1 folder in box to another folder.  How do I do this without having to save it to my computer first, delete it from the folder and then upload to the new location?

Lucy Holliday

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Accepted answer

Hi Lucy,

To move a file from one folder to another, simply follow these steps:

1) Check the box next to the file(s) you wish to move (or copy) to a new location

2) Click "Move / Copy" in the sub-menu at the top of bottom of the list of files

3) Select new destination folder

4) Click "Move" or "Copy" to complete the action

(If you choose "Move", the file will be moved to the new folder and no longer remain in the original folder. If you choose "Copy", the file will be moved to the new folder but will remain in the original folder)

Here is an annotated screen-shot:


Hope this helps but please let me know if there is anything else I can do to be of assistance and thanks for using Box!


Box Support

Hi David,

Moving a file on PC is fairly straight forward, it's moving one on an android tablet that proves to be difficult.

Box User

Agreed - tried using iPad app and iPad safari - needed laptop open too just to move a file.

Michael Squires


New user, so sorry if I am missing something obvious but when I follow the instructions above and check the box, I am only given the options of Download and Send; NOT Move, Copy or Delete. So how do I move a file from the main folder into a subfolder. I tried to drag it in, but got a message saying I do not have the required permissions to move it. But it is my file.  What is going on?

Andrew Greene

Kinda disastrous ... seems that moving a file to another folder, where that file already exists doesn't just overwrite that file, but you lose all history of the file in the target location (i.e. the original file which is being "overwritten").

Brian Weissler