How To Make A Public Folder?

I was trying to create a a public folder to share with a friend, but I cannot seem to figure out how. How would I create one?

Tytan McBride

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Thanks for your question.

Here is our help page on how our collaboration folders work:

Once the folder has been created you simply need to invite your friend to join that folder as a collaborator.

Please let me know if you run into any snags or if there is anything else that I can do to be of assistance!


Box Support

Hi, I have a free account. And this is what I just did to share a file publicly with my client. (he gets one link to download the document directly with no login.)

Example of file shared with no login required:

  1. Once logged into box. Click top-right corner > Account Settings
  2. Find the "Content & Sharing" Tab on top. (above the pricing)
  3. SET Enable external links TO FILES only (if you wish to share FILES only)
  4. SET …with access options TO: > Anyone and people in this folder..
  5. SET Default new links TO Anyone with the link: This content is open to anyone with the link. Viewers are not required to log in.
  6. SET Let link viewers TO preview and download the shared item

Save it, that's about the settings.

Now with this configuration go to your BOX and click "Share button" on any "FILES" (as in this example I've setup this option on FILES and not folders)
Switch "People in this folder" to "Anyone with the link"
Copy-paste the provided link on the left.

Voilà :)


I'd like to make a public folder, too, and collaboration folders are great for sharing a folder with specific people that have email addresses. A public folder is one where anyone who has a link can access files in a folder - sounds like this function is not available. (yet?)

DJ Chuang

that's why I'm still using Wuala - it has this Public Folder functionality without requiring a person to login

Jon Ventham

I don't understand why people are having trouble with this and I think David's answer missed the point and was incomplete.  It's very easy to do this and the functionality has been available for a long time.

To make a folder public, click Share at the right of the folder.  This will create a link.  If you want, then click Access and customize the link to BoxForms or something.  You can also customize access to provide an RSS feed or Embed code to embed it in your website.  If you don't want to embed, you could use your own wrapper to the folder URL or make it an href link from your own website.

I shared a folder like this at  I did this with a free account, so it's not just an enterprise feature.  The one think I couldn't find is a way to disable commenting, because I don't really want people to be able to comment on my public forms (I could delete, but it's still a pain and could be inappropriate).

If you have a paid account, you'll have more options with the custom link name.

Also, I think there's a way to do this to allow uploading files, but I can't figure out how right now.

Hope this helps!

Brian Gold

Hi Brian

I also had  apublic folder that was truly public, but after I moved it into a subfolder, I can't get it public again! The options giben as 'share' are not clear: that is for collaborators only and/or disabled. 

As a result, spomeone unlogged to is invited to join.  

Did change its method?

I can't find where to change that property and that is really a problem to me!

Thanks frot eh feedback


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Oh, I finally found it was possible if I have my upper folder options set with security enabling sharing folders!

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Hi, all,

I think this question is still left unanswered. I am a paying user and wish to create a public folder and embed it on my Web site for customers without accounts to freely download some particular files. However I tried I can only set "Collaborators Only" privilege on folders I create (no matter the depth).

Although I can put individual download links on Web pages without problem, I still wish the folder download and embedding options can be used more conveniently.



Are you guys the admins of your box service? I suspect your admin restricted your ability to share folders publicly.

The way I set it up for my users was by enabling "external links to folders and files" and with access options to "open, company and collaborators", you can find these settings on your Enterprise Settings page under "content and sharing", once you save that, you have the option to share a link as "open" on the right pane when you browse into a folder.

Nuno Povoa

I'm not sure I understand the various answers here. I've looked at sharing files and the links I can create using the "share" button (I have a free account). They seem to take me to a web page with a preview (if the file is a supported type) and a "Download" button. That's not what I want - I'm hoping to be able to provide a URL which my friends can use to directly download the file using tools like curl. At the moment, we're having to manually download the shared files to a local directory on each person's PC in order to work with them.

Paul Moore

I tried a simple copy of the link created with the "create link" utility. That seemed to work. But following the link from an MSWord doc took me to the proper folder. However, I had access to all parent folders which I did not wish to be public. I killed the browser session. Perhaps there is something more that needs to be done to get a truly Public Folder.

Philip Kelsey

I need to use a public folder for weather icons in an iconset. They eventually will be put in a zip file to use as a custom iconset in a weather app. I don't think the Collaborator thing will work. So what do I do?

Keith (Ledsteplin) Eastep