Box sync won't start on Windows XP SP3

Have succesfully installed without problems.

But when I try to get it running it comes with an error message that box sync won't start - contact support

Se attachment

Anybody have a suggestion?

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Accepted answer

Sorry to hear you're having trouble with Box Sync.

Would you please file a ticket with our support team so that they can troubleshoot and help get this resolved?

Here is how to do that:

1) Make sure you're logged into with your Box login and password

2) Hover over your name in top right corner of the page

3) Click "Help"

4) Click "Support"

5) Click "Submit a request"

Thanks for your patience and understanding while we work to resolve this.


Box Support

I solved the problem by downgrading a client to older version 3.3.300. 

No problems after that. 

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@ David D

What kind of answer is that. It didn't help at all

Seriously uncool to mark the question as answered when it clearly wasn't...

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Just chiming in here with confirmation that the current version of the software has a problem. I experienced the same error message on start.

I downloaded the old (3.3.300) version linked in the message of Oct 18, 1:21pm and Box was able to load on my WinXP machine just fine.

Leslie Price

How can you remove the file or the link while it was the only solution??

Come on people from box, thats a shame on you to leave your users without any solution for several months now, at least you could upload the version 3.3.30 which apparently was working good.


This is ridiculous.  BoxSynx.exe is hogging 50% of my CPU but not actually syncing.  The B is greyed out and when I mouse over it the message reads "Logging in to box" but this has been going on for weeks.  Many good things about Box but the lack of support for a user community suggests that they are really missing the boat!

William Floch


These sync issues are dependent on any number of factors:

  • your computer
  • your operating system
  • your network connection
  • your current version of Box Sync
  • etc, etc, etc 

...simply put there isn't a blanket answer that I can give. Nor is the community forum the proper venue for troubleshooting these issues.

I work with an incredibly intelligent and talented group of tech support specialist who handle the support tickets as they're filed.

That's why the error message you see specifically asks users to file a support ticket.

While I of course sympathize with the inconvenience and frustration, I'm just not equipped to resolve these issues here on the forum.

For anyone still having issues, please file a support ticket as delineated above. I promise that we will do everything we can to help.



Box Support

no solution worked here!!

I installed NET Framework 2.0, tried Erdinc Altincekic solution, tried the last version, and nothing!!

I have Windows XP SP3. the installation was successful, but the program does not started. 

Pls, some help !!!

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