Can you create a dropbox folder in Box?

I would like to know if Box offers the capability for users to create a dropbox folder into which people can submit files,  but would not be able to access the file once they've submitted it.

So a professor might set up a dropbox for a particular assignment; the students granted permission to upload documents submit their assignment, but then cannot access the assignment once it's submitted. The students would also not be able to see any other files in that folder other than their own (another feature of the dropbox folder). 


Steve Ruder

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The best way I can think to do that is to have the professor create a folder and then invite the students as "uploaders" which is the most limited of the Box access types. Here is the description:

Uploader: An Uploader is the most limited access that a user can have in a folder and provides limited write access. A user assigned uploader will see the items in a folder but will not be able to download or view the items. The only action available will be to upload content into the folder. If an Uploader uploads an item with the same name as an existing item in the folder, the file will be updated and the existing version will be moved into the version history.

Here is a list of all available access types.

Hope that helps but please let me know if you still have questions or if there is anything else I can do to help!


Box Support

So to take this a step further..what about the notion of a video security camera that can send to email or to a file server (NSU or the like).  If the camera(s) can log into email or into an nsu, could it also log into my box account and drop files that way??   Is there a particular file transfer protocol in play?? video cameras i have ftp only. Thoughts? 

Matt H

We see the same use case as Steve does.

As an Enterprise customer we would like to have a "true" Dropbox. Anonymous could drop files in it but can't see anything.  The drop functionality should be time stamped so the that the box closes at a certain time.

Files with the same name should be allowed, but work as in files system by appending suffix to the name

Leif Lagebrand

If our company decides to go for Box, our team would need a Dropbox functionnality too.

My team is responisble in providing technical support to our customer. For troubleshotting purposes, customers have to tranfer some larger files to our team. We don't want them to be able to acces the content of the box but even better we don't want them to see the other files present in the folder for confidentiality reasons.

Is there any plan in implementing a dropbox functionality in Box?