Capture email content when sending files via email to folder

The folder email addresses are a great feature which we regularly use; however, it would be helpful if there was an option to capture the entire email as well. This would not only save the email attachment but also the email as a .PDF or .MSG file for storage along with the attachment. When collaborating with others, the content of the email is as important if not more important than the attachments.

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This is under consideration and I will add your vote for this enhancement and pass it along to our product managers.

Please let us know if there are any other features / enhancements you'd like to see!

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I second Alexander's suggestion. But in addition to adding the email's subject as a comment, please also include the sender's email address in the uploaded file's comment.

Scott G. Luther

We are looking at moving our company to box but lots of our users save email .msg files to our server and this is a real problem.  could be solved of course if webdav was supported.  Box sync isnt the solution, we need either a mounted drive or some other 'save to box' option in the 'save as' of all windows applications.

Barrie Whight


I was just thinking of this yesterday!

It’s really important that if someone sends us information, then any comments, details or correspondence is with that information. If this was kept as a separate click away from viewing the information itself, that would be perfect.

Has there been any indication if this has been given the thumbs up or down?

Christian Guerrero

Add my vote. This could be a very useful feature. The Box could be used by people to organize their emails and documents provided we could—at the same time—implement (1) a hierarchical system for folders and nested folders; (2) indexing; and (3) choice of arranging the material in folders in chronological or alphabetical order.

Anil Srivastava

maybe box should transform the mail content into comments in files and it would be great if you can add tasks in the subject for example approve: asigning the box approval task for "BBB"

Norma Argonza

Being able to send information in an email and have it become a file within a folder on Box would be a great help to our business. Please bump it up the list of enhancements to implement!

Christina Brashear

What I currently do is drag the email from outlook to the desktop and then drag it into a Box folder in the Chrome browser.  More steps than ideal, but at least it works.

James Brown

Thanks for the suggestion James Brown. It does indeed work! 

But I would still like to second the suggestion of adding a button to the outlook add-in to save .msg files to online (non-synced) box folders.

Keep up the good work.

Ruud Meulenbroek

@ Eric McDuffee, thanks for the heads up on this. It might come in handy for the staff, so I'll pass it along. What I need is the ability for a box folder to receive emails and their attachments directly. For example: We have an "employment" email address. Rather than having one person farm out the applicants emails to various departments, the email and attached resume would be received by the box folder and notice would be sent to all departments advertising job openings. It's in box from the start!

Christina Brashear

@Christina Brashear since this app monitors a particular folder/label (EmailToBox) in the inbox if you set up rules/filters that every email that gets sent to that address be put in that folder then it would be automatically added. That's what I have set up here and it seems to work great for us.

Eric McDuffee

Eric and Christina,

Sorry to be jumping in late on this.

I haven't used that particular app but please let me know if that ends up working for you guys.

And if you run into any snags please let me know.

If there is anything else I can do to be of assistance just say the word.

And thanks for using Box!


Box Support

@David D.

My experience with EmailToBox.

I found that It worked well. It created folders in my Gmail-managed email account and in and mail I labeled to the Gmail folder appeared in the Box folder. It didn't transfer the files instantaneously, but that's a personal issue. :) Sometimes gratification is delayed a few minutes and it's a cross we all have to bear.

For the archiving of attachments it's great. They become a document in the Box folder and I was able to preview it. The content transferred, too. However, it put the email content into a Comment box which can be edited. So, if for legal purposes you're archiving the email content, this particular app won't be very useful since the text can be changed.

I would like to see this app or any other one that comes along change the email content into a PDF.

Christina Brashear


Thanks so much for following up. I very much appreciate the feedback and insights and will be passing these along directly to our platform team. They work with our 3rd party app developers and might be able to point those guys in the direction of the PDF support you're looking for. 

Please let me know if there are any other features / enhancements you'd like to see and thanks again for using Box!


Box Support

Just another vote for being able to save email content into a pdf in box. I am a professional adviser (accountant) and have professional obligations to store email correspondence in and out of my organisation (in a way that shows it hasn't been edited, as Christina has alluded to).

I want to use box as my entire 'document management' system but without the ability to store email it really isn't a complete document management system.

I have tried EmailToBox, and whilst it does work my concerns are:

i. security - the less 'platforms' my clients secure information is on or passes through, the better. I'd also prefer to have no external apps accessing my box account if possible (again, the less access the more secure the data)

ii. inability to effectively reproduce that data should a legal matter arise


I see email storage as so crucial to document management for:

  1. sharing - if emails are immediately saved to box based on rules all users have access to the latest in client correspondence and can therefore provide better client care

  2. legal protection / security - if the record is a permanent record we can get appropriate reports from box to show who has viewed and or edited that document and when

For me, it doesn't need to be a PDF document, but I would prefer the email itself be treated as a 'document' not a comment to attachments.


I really appreciate box taking all the feedback in this thread on board. I love the program so far, and would be thrilled if it could be used as a complete document management system for my organisation so that ALL of our content is in the one place and accessible by (only!) the appropriate persons.

Adele Wardley

I'd also love this feature. It doesn't seem like emails in the cloud are easily shared amongst workers within a business. This would help greatly.

Anthony Wardley

Regarding this matter, think you need an app to add within an email account that would allow use to select file location within Box for any folder.  In a more direct statement, just as we can search contacts in an email, we would also be able to select folder addresses.  This option would respond when the Compose or Write email is selected.  User would be given option to select "Contacts" or "Box folders."  Much less complicated that going into box, finding the folder, clicking on send email to this folder and then pasting the email address in email.  Rather cumbersome.

Donald E. Brown

Not sure if this feature is already bundled in the current version of Box - email capturing by "filters"  i.e. filter by subject, header, message body, the from address etc.

For example, I receive email that have to do with payroll, time sheet attachments - filtering them  by "time sheet" from "HR"  then capture them to a share on my Box account \Box\HR\timesheets\ .......would be very helpful.



Samuel Sibanda

Another vote in favour from me! How many more votes to be need Box Team to make this suggestion become a new feature?

Marc Gibson

No idea, just a related issue: Once we publish the email address & some (even strangers) like sharing stuff via email sending, s/he seems no way to see how it appears on Box?