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Tracking Your File Versions - Version History

How Version History Works in Box


  • Any time you use Box Edit or upload a new version of a document, Box overwrites the old version with the updated version.  There’s no need to rename the file as “Document Title_version2”
  • You’ll see this reflected in the “V” beneath the file name.



Box keeps track of your old versions, so you can always pull them just in case

  • The newest version is displayed but all old versions are saved in the version history
  • Download or revert back to a previous versions with one simple click.  Click the ‘V’ below the document name (above) or hover over the document title from the preview screen and click the version number (below) to pull your version history.



How do version numbers work with shared links?

  • Anytime you send a shared link, the link will always point to the most updated version – even if you updated the document after you sent it
  • No need to worry about those typos you spotted after you sent the email!


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