How do I upload files to a Box folder from another website with the Upload Widget?



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The Upload Widget enables users to embed a small Box interface onto any website, blog, social networking service, intranet, or any public URL that supports HTML embed code (this feature is not available for non-paying Personal accounts.) Using this widget, you can easily allow file uploads to a specific folder within your account. This feature is useful when your business needs will require customers or associates to send any type of file without requiring them to log in or to create an account.

To create the Upload Widget, click on the downward arrow next to any folder you own and select Upload Options > Embed Upload Widget. Copy and paste this code onto any website or posting page that supports JavaScript code and your widget will be published for the world to access. As new files or folders are uploaded, you will be able to see and access these files while viewing the folder within your Box account.

Others accessing your widget will not be able to view or access the contents of your folder. They will see the widget shown below:


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