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This feature allows users to share a folder of content publicly as a website with a personalized, static link. Custom URLs can be used to share the contents of a folder within your account to anyone accessing that link. 

Creating a Custom Link
To use this feature simply locate a folder which you own (not a collaboration folder owned by another user) and click on the little downward arrow button associated with the folder and select  "Share".



You can also click the "Share" text next to the star icon. This will open up a pop up window. Under the "Advanced" option, you'll see "Set Custom URL". 

Within the text field enter your desired custom name and then click "Save." There's no need to enter in the "" part as this will be automatically added. The custom ending to the link should be between 3 and 30 characters and can use letters, numbers and hyphens.

Additionally, it is possible to password protect a Custom Link. See Password Protecting a Share Link

Using Shared Links

For more information on shared links see Shared Links Overview And FAQ

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