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Does Box support WebDAV?

Yes. Whether connecting via iOS, Windows 7 or a WebDAV client, use the URL

Box recommends using third-party clients for mapping a drive to Mac OS X.

To connect to WebDAV please use the following:

Login: Your Box login email address and password.  

Known Issues

  1. Because uploads through WebDAV are accomplished in two stages, zero-byte files will be uploaded as placeholders before the final file contents are uploaded. This will make a newly created or uploaded file have two versions and include two upload events in reporting.
  2. Single Sign-On (SSO) is not supported via WebDAV. If SSO is required for account logins, you may use the Create External Password for WebDAV logins. The external password may be created in the Account Settings > Account tab > Create External Password
  3. Opening Microsoft Office files (Word, PowerPoint, Excel) may continually prompt for login credentials if the programs are not currently open when downloading a file from Box via a mapped drive. This is a known Microsoft issue that is unrelated to Box’s WebDAV implementation. The password will be saved, so choosing OK will open the file. Additionally, keeping Office programs open will avoid the prompt.
  4. Location is not available. Access is denied. If you see either of these when trying to connect with your WebDAV client, it could indicate you have triggered the Captcha on your account. To check and clear the Captcha, login with your web browser to . Try your WebDAV client again and it should work.


Note: CalDAV is not supported.

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