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Updates Overview

The 'Updates' page provides an overview of all the activity that is happening in you account. The updates page will show you information about:

  • Items commented on
  • Files and Folders sent to you by other users 
  • Tasks that have been assigned
  • Files that have been uploaded, downloaded or previewed
  • Files that have been locked
  • Collaboration folder that have been joined
  • OpenBox applications that have been added by collaborators
  • File and folders that have been moved or copied

File updates are listed in chronological order, by user, with the most recent additions appearing at the top of the list. To prevent clutter, updates are limited to only one line of content per update. For example, if a friend of yours adds 20 pictures to their Box, you will only see 5-7 (one full row, depending on your screen) of the 20, rather than the whole gallery. If you are interested in seeing the entire contents of an updated folder, simply click the name of that folder.



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