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Email alias is a feature that allows users to link multiple email addresses to a single Box account for easy management of their important content. Now, any type of user can add multiple email addresses to their account and designate one as the primary address, where collaboration invites and Box notifications will be sent.

What’s the overview of the functionality?

  • All Box users can add multiple email addresses to be associated with a single Box account, meaning they can log in using any validated addresses
  • Once the primary address is designated, collaboration invites sent to any validated address will be received by the same Box account; additionally, all Box notification emails will be sent to the primary address

 Why should I care?

  • This functionality removes friction from managing multiple Box accounts and allows you to consolidate into one account
  • Being able to log in with any email address and receive notifications to one central address simplifies the content management and collaboration process

What are some example use cases?

  • Acquisitions/mergers where a user may be issued multiple email addresses for the different domains
  • People getting married and changing their last names
  • Multiple domains, like and
  • Rebranding, like our move to from
  • Preferred vs. official email addresses
  • Gmail users with multiple email aliases
  • University vs. department email addresses

Does this work for both new and existing accounts?

  • Yes, all types of users can immediately add additional email aliases to their new or existing account, and change the primary address

What if I have two Box accounts with two different email addresses? Can I merge those in to one Box account?

  • We currently do not provide account merge functionality, and email address cannot be associated with more than one Box account

How do I add multiple email addresses to my account?

  • Go to Settings > Account and add a new email address. After entering the address, you’ll receive a confirmation email from Box to that address. Click on the link to validate that you own the email address.
  • The email address is not added to the account until it is validated 


How do I change my primary email address?

  • Sign into your Box account
  • Click the small "gear" icon in the top right corner 
  • Click "Account settings" from the drop-down menu
  • Scroll down to "Login and Email Addresses"
  • Click "Add more emails"
  • Add new email address and click "Save"
  • Confirm the alias via the email confirmation that will be sent (this step has to be completed or else the user can not mark as primary and it will not be recognized as an alias)
  • Go back to Account Settings and hover over alias and mark it as primary
  • You will be prompted to enter your password underneath the alias to validate this change
  • An email will be sent to let you know your primary email address has changed (only a notification, no need to confirm)

With multiple email aliases associated with a single Box account, is there a primary email address?

  • Yes, you can select any validated email alias to be the primary
  • If you’re a managed user in a business or enterprise account, your primary address must match the corporate domain(s)
  • All email notifications will be sent to this primary email address
  • When you change your primary email address, a confirmation will be sent to both old and new email addresses

How do I delete an email alias?

  • You can go to Settings > Account and delete an email alias from there
  • Deleted aliases will be made available for anyone to add or to open a new Box account as soon as it’s removed from the account (note they would have to confirm that address)

What happens if I forget my Box account password?

  • You can enter any email alias in the ‘forget password’ field to recover your password
  • Once you do, Box will send an email to the entered email address and the primary address with directions for how to reset the password and access the account
    • Note the email to the primary address will contain the link to reset your password, while the email to the entered address (if different) will let you know to check your primary address for the link

What types of accounts can use multiple email address?

  • This feature is available to all users and admins

Can I modify email addresses from my mobile device?

  • No, email alias management must be done through the Box web app. You currently cannot modify email aliases from the mobile app or the mobile website (

What should I know about pending email aliases (i.e. those awaiting validation)?

  • You can remove pending email addresses
  • You can’t make pending email addresses primary
  • An email address can’t be reserved until it is validated
  • If multiple people have the same alias pending validation, once it is validated it is auto deleted from others’ pending email aliases

Does this feature affect other Box features?

  • No, this feature does not affect other Box features
  • If a customer is using SSO and wants to add an email alias and later change that alias to be their primary, that change will also need to be made directly in Active Directory

How does an admin enable for their account? Can an admin turn off email aliases for their account?

  • The option is available to all users by default, so no need for an admin to enable
  • Admins that would like to prevent their managed users from adding email aliases that are not one of the managed domains should contact their Box Customer Success Manager
  • Admins can also prevent users from changing their primary email by selecting the “Prevent users from changing their email address.” The setting can be found in Settings > Security tab > Signup and Login

Can an admin add multiple email addresses on behalf of a managed user? How?

  • Admins can add email addresses for managed users (for example, and, but will need to use the Box APIs to do so.
  • For more information, refer to our developer documentation here:
  • When email aliases are added in this way by the admin, they don’t need to be validated, but the email address domain needs to be consistent with one of the account’s managed domains.
  • If the company doesn’t have enterprise auto roll-in turned on, they could list all domains in both accounts as managed domains. (With enterprise auto roll-in enabled, there will be conflicts / bugs as both accounts try to claim a particular user for roll-in.)

How does email alias impact auto roll-in?

  • Users cannot enter an email alias that has the domain of another account that has auto roll-in turned on. For example: If a consultant has been given a client domain email address, but the client has auto-roll-in enabled, then the consultant won’t be able to add their client email alias to their Box account.

Will changes to an account’s email aliases be logged for reporting?

  • Yes. New email aliases and any changes to primary email addresses are logged and accessible through the admin console (Reports tab > Usage Logs)
  • The export of users shows the primary email address only. To see the aliases, you have to explicitly click on the user.
  • The APIs are similar. Pulling a list of users shows the login name, so you have to explicitly request the aliases for a user.
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