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Box Embed is a robust HTML5 technology that allows Box customers and partners to embed the full Box experience everywhere people work. With the full content management and collaboration features of Box available in any application, the technology puts content at the center of successful, boundary-less organizations.


How does it work?

  • The new HTML5-based embeddable framework can be added to any app in minutes, providing the full functionality of Box to any intranet, website, or other enterprise cloud app.
  • With features like preview, file uploading, real time updates, editing, commenting and collaborator management, the technology lets customers, developers and partners collaborate on centralized content, regardless of where they work.
  • As Box adds more functionality and collaboration features, it will automatically extend to the framework as well. 


Why is it important for users and customers?

  • Box Embed allows users and customers to work together on centralized content, regardless of where they work, within any system.
  • Users can now save time and increase productivity when searching and accessing files in their applications while keeping content and discussions centralized in Box without having to leave their application.
  • For example, users in NetSuite can now access their full Box content, without having to leave NetSuite. Instead, they can preview, upload, edit and comment on documents and files through NetSuite directly, making content available anywhere our users and customers work. 


Why is it important for admins?

  • The framework will allow admins to keep content centralized and secured on Box while making it available at any time within any website or enterprise cloud app – arming their users to get more done, easier.
  • With granular permission levels, activity tracking/reporting and integrations with hundreds of business and productivity apps, Box gives admins the management and security options they require.


Why is it important for partners/developers?

  • Developers and partners can now embed this framework to any app in minutes, providing the full functionality of Box to any intranet, website or other enterprise cloud app, making it easy to work and build on Box while still receiving the richness of Box’s features. 


Where does a user find Box Embed?


When is it available?

  • Box Embed is available now for all customers (both free and paid), developers and partners.


What partner integrations that are using Box Embed are live?

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