What happens to my files when I downgrade my account?



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What happens to my files when I downgrade my account?

Your files will be affected differently depending upon which account type you are downgrading to - please read on for further information.

Downgrading to a lower paid subscription:

If you are downgrading your account to another paid subscription (i.e. business to paid personal) all of the files within your account will remain there after the downgrade has taken place as long as they are smaller than your new upload limit.  Downgrading your account will only cause you to lose the functionality of your account that came with your subscription type. For example, a business user will lose their larger upload size and administrative features upon downgrading to a personal account. If you have other managed users on your account, they will automatically be downgraded to free, Lite 10 GB accounts unless otherwise requested.

Downgrading to a free, Lite 10 GB account:

When your account is downgraded to a Lite account, all of the files currently present within your account will remain there unless they are larger than 250 MB.  We recommend downloading all files larger than 250 MB prior to downgrading your account as they will be immediately deleted after the downgrade has been completed.  If the remaining amount of space used is larger than your 10 GB storage limit, you will have to delete existing files before uploading new files to your account. Example screenshots:

Business account before downgrade:Before_Downgrade.png

Business account after downgrade to Lite 10 GB account:After.png

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