How will I be affected by Box beginning to charge sales tax?



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How will I be affected by Box beginning to charge sales tax?

Box has a legal obligation to collect sales tax for some customers based upon their local jurisdiction and the product type being purchased. Box will use the service address for each account to determine applicable sales tax. Each of our products have been reviewed independently and tax due is dependent on a number of different factors, including product type purchased, service address, applicable tax jurisdiction, and local tax laws.

Beginning on October 1st, 2013, applicable sales tax will be applied on a separate line item on invoices.  Your invoices can be viewed by visiting while logged in as the admin of your account.  For a more detailed guide to finding your invoices, please see: How do I view my invoices?

Box will only be collecting sales/use tax for invoices generated after October 1st, 2013. All invoices from prior periods will not be affected regardless of the payment terms or billing frequency of your account.

If you are exempt from sales/use tax, please email your appropriate exempt-sales certification to

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