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‘Custom Branding’ is an optional, premium feature which is only available on our ‘Enterprise’ accounts (professional co-branding is available for our 'Business' accounts). This feature allows your administrators to customize the Box header and footer to reflect your organization's brand, including replacing the Box logo with your company logo and choosing a color scheme that matches your company's look and feel. 


In the first section, Company and Profile, you have the option to include your company name as well as designate a custom URL if you wish. 

Next is the 'Branding' section:

‘Header Logo,’ you have the option to add your logo. To change your logo, click on ‘Upload a Logo’ which will bring up a small pop-up window where you can select an image stored on your computer. If you upload a logo it will appear on the header of all user accounts associated with your account.

Next you can customize the colors of the Box interface:

In this section you are given the option to customize the color of the header, header text, notifications, tab rollover, subheader and applicaton links. Choose from pre-made color schemes or enter in specific Web hex color codes. To create your own custom color, click on the small, blue downward arrow to the right of ‘Header background.’ A pop-up window will appear in which you can use a color palette to specify a color. Once you have found the right color, click on 'Apply' to save your selection. 


The ‘Login Page' section allows you to customize the header and subtext fields which your managed users will see every time they login to their account. To enter customized text, submit it in the provided fields shown next to ‘Header’ and ‘Message.’

The ‘Footer’ section allows you to customize the bottom left text fields which should be currently defaulted to, 'Want Box for your Business? Call 1-877-729-4269.' To enter customized text, submit it in the provided fields shown next to ‘Text’ and ‘Link text.’ If you would like a hyperlink associated with the 'Link text' field please enter the completely URL address including http:// into the the 'Link URL' field. The footer will display at the bottom of every page within your account.

The 'Custom Support Contact Information' section allows you to provide details of your company's custom support contact information. Admins will still see a Box contact number in the Admin Console.

The 'System Email Signature' section allows you to append your custom email signature to all emails sent on behalf of your users via the Box mail servers.

Finally, 'Widget Customization' allows you to disable the header logo of the Box Widget (if you've chosen to make use of it) This option will only affect the HTML folder embed widget. This setting is not previewable.

Remember to click the 'Update' button at the bottom of the page to finalize any changes to any of the above sections. Please note that no changes will go into effect unless this button is pressed.

If you would like your Box interface tailored specifically to your business or organization, please contact an account manager at 1-877-729-4269. 

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