Admin Console: Performing a bulk edit of users



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The Box Business Admin Console allows you to download a file containing all users in an account, and make changes as necessary.

To make bulk edits to the users in a Business account, follow this procedure:

  1. Log into the Admin Console and choose the Users tab.

  2. Click Bulk Edit from the menu bar. This will bring up the Bulk edit users menu.
  3. To download the current file to you computer click  Download current <file format> file.
  4. Once the file is downloaded to your computer, you can make changes to the file.
  5. When you have made the changes, save the file to an easily-accessed location on your computer.
  6. Return to the Bulk Edit menu and click Upload updated <file format> file. This will adhere any changes you made to any user on your account and apply those settings to your account.

(Please note that you are not able to change the user email field using the Bulk Edit Feature, changing the email in the Excel file will result in the creation of a new user account with that email address.)



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