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The Admin Console allows you to customize your enterprise's trash settings to best fit your company's requirements. These settings can be found in the 'Content & Sharing' tab of the "Admin Settings"

  1. You can choose to Enable or Disable the Trash (The setting is enabled by default). Enabling trash will provide each of your users their own trash folder. This is recommended so users can retrieve items they may have accidentally deleted. If you choose to disable your user's trash, all content will be permanently deleted from the account upon initial deletion
  2. You can choose who can permanently delete content in the Trash. Choose from "Anybody, Admin Only, Admins and Co-Admins Only, or Nobody". If you set this restriction, all users will still be able to move items to the Trash, but only users in the allowed roles will be able to permanently remove items. Note: This feature is only available as part of the Governance package.
  3. You can set the duration that items will remain in the trash of your managed users' accounts. After the time period passes the items will be permanently deleted. 

Please note, items contained in the trash do not count against your total storage allocation, so choosing "Never auto-delete items" will not impact your ability to upload new content.

To save your changes click the 'Save' button






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