How do I change the administrator of my account?



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As the current admin of a Business or Enterprise account, you can transfer administrative privileges to another user by following these steps:

  1. Log in to your account and navigate to the Admin Console
  2. Click on the Users icon

  3. Locate your account in the list of users and click on your name
  4. In the Edit User Access Permissions section select Change account admin
  5. Select a new admin by either typing in a user in the account's email, or choosing the contact icon to see a list of contacts

  6. Choose your new role in the account. You can either set yourself to be a Co-Admin, which will allow you to retain some administrative control of the account, or as a general user on the account, which will remove your access to the Admin Console
  7. Scroll down and click Save to apply these changes


Additional Note:

  • If your previous admin has left your organization and you do not have access to his or her Box account, you will need to submit a support ticket to first authorize your request.


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