Can I use my company’s branding in my Box account?



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Custom Branding is an optional, premium feature available for all Enterprise accounts. This feature allows your Enterprise Admins to customize the look and feel of the Box interface to reflect their organization's brand.

To set up custom branding on your account, follow these steps:

  • Log in to your account and navigate to the Admin Console
  • Click on the gear icon in the top right corner and select Enterprise Settings from the drop-down menu


  • Click on the Company & Branding tab
  • Company Profile: Here you will have the option to include your company name as well as designate a custom URL


  • Branding: In this section you will have the opportunity upload your company’s logo and customize your account’s color scheme. Your logo and colors will replace the Box defaults for managed users and shared links. Choose from pre-made color schemes or enter in specific Web hex color codes. To create your own custom color, click on the small, blue downward arrow to the right of ‘Header background.’ A pop-up window will appear in which you can use a color palette to specify a color. Once you have found the right color, click on 'Apply' to save your selection. 


  • Login Page: This section will allow you to customize your company’s unique Box login portal for all managed users.


  • Footer: This section allows you to customize the bottom left text fields visible in all managed accounts. If left unchanged, it will default to 'Want Box for your Business? Call 1-877-729-4269.' To enter customized text, submit it in the provided fields shown next to ‘Text’ and ‘Link text.’ If you would like a hyperlink associated with the 'Link text' field please enter the completely URL address including http:// into the the 'Link URL' field. The footer will display at the bottom of every page within your account.


  • Custom Support Contact Information: This section allows you to provide the contact details of your company's own support Helpdesk or IT department. Admins will still see phone number for Box Support in the Admin Console.


  •  System Email Signature: This section allows you to customize the email signature in all emails sent via Box.


  • Widget Customization: This option will only affect the HTML folder embed widget. This setting is not previewable. 

Be sure to click "update" before navigating away from the page. 

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