What do the graphs in my “Account Overview” show?



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What do the graphs in my “Account Overview” show?

The “Account Overview” serves as the homepage of sorts for Admins and Co-Admins logged in to the Admin Console. The information here offers a snapshot of account activity, storage usage, and upcoming releases.

  • Login Activity: This section gives you information (displayed graphically) about the login activity of your managed users.  It is divided into three categories: “Number of Logins” (shows how recently your users have logged in), “Top Five Users” (shows which users log in most frequently), and “Logins over Time” (graphs the number of user logins over the past month).


  • Storage Use: This section shows you how much storage you and your managed users are using. It is divided into three categories: “Aggregate” (graphs how total storage has changed over time), “Top Users” (shows which users are using the most storage), and “Usage” (displays how many users are using a certain range of storage).


  • Box Business Service News: This section provides news and updates on all things Box. When new features are released or updated, this is where it is announced. The “Coming Soon” column displays of features and applications that will be made available in the near future.


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