What are Reports and how do I use them?



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Business and Enterprise admins can monitor and track the activity of managed users and generate reports on demand from within the Admin Console. 

To take advantage of the Box Reports tool, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your account and navigate to the Admin Console.
  2. Click the Reports icon .
  3. Choose between the various types of reports listed in the left pane under the following categories:
    • User Reports
    • File Reports
    • More 

  1. Once you have determined the correct parameters, click Run Report.  
  2. Click Export Report to export the data as a CSV file. The file will be automatically uploaded to a folder named Box Reports in your All Files page.

    Note: You can filter results even further by clicking on specific user names, file names, or activity type.

Usage Logs

Usage Logs provide an overview of user activity on Box. Admins and co-admins can run and filter reports. For co-admins, this depends upon their permissions, which can be set and modified under Edit User Access permissions in the admin console.

  • The primary admin can run reports and filter by any group or user. 
  • Any co-admin who has permission to Run new reports and access existing reports (feature shown in orange below) can run the usage logs that are date bound (without selecting a user or group). 
  • A co-admin who has permission to Run new reports and access existing reports (feature shown in orange below) and permission to Manage groups (feature shown in green below) can run a usage log by groups. 
  • A co-admin who has reporting permissions and has Shared contacts checked on (feature shown in blue below) can run a usage log by user. 

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