How do I view a managed user's account?



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For Box Enterprise Admins Only

If you're a Box Enterprise admin you will have the ability to login as one of your managed users from the admin console, here's how:

  • Login to Box and at the top click 'Admin Console'
  • Click the users tab (icon of two people)
  • Find the user in question, click their name and instant login as seen here:

The instant login ability is one of the most powerful tools at your disposal as an admin you can use it for actions such as:

  • Restoring data that appears in a managed user's trash
  • Changing the owner of one of your managed user's folders
  • Checking the settings of a user e.g. they say they are not getting email notifications

Keep in mind that all actions you make while logged in as a managed user will be logged as having been done by you in administrative reports.

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