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What are Collaboration Folders and how do I use them?

What are Collaboration Folders?
'Collaboration Folders' mirror information across any number of accounts. Once set up, any changes you make to the folder’s contents will be instantly visible to your collaborators ( accounts you have invited as collaborators to the folder); similarly, any changes collaborators with 'Editor' access made on the mirrored folder will be instantly visible to you.




How do I set up a Collaboration Folder?
To make an existing folder a Collaboration Folder, go to the 'All Files' page, click on the little box with the downward arrow shown next to the folder and select 'Invite Collaborators' from the 'Share' submenu.  A pop-up window will appear. Enter the email address(es) of the individuals you would like to collaborate with (i.e. grant access to the folder).


NOTE: This must be the email address your collaborators have used to register for their accounts. Please verify this before you proceed.

Once you have entered all email address(es), click 'Invite, and email notifications will be sent to the individuals listed. Once the user logs into their Box account, they will be able to accept or reject your invitation to collaborate in the folder.

When a folder becomes a Collaboration Folder, its icon will change: Rather than being a plain, yellow folder, it will become a blue folder with a small image of two people next to it. All collaboration folders will automatically appear at the top of your list of files and folders under 'All Files.'

How do I know who is collaborating on a folder?
When you open a Collaboration Folder, a list of collaborators is visible at the right side of the page. You can also visit a comprehensive list of collaborators by clicking on 'Contacts' at the top of the page.



What kind of permissions can I set for Collaborators?
When you grant an individual access to a Collaboration Folder, you can choose to make them either an 'Editor' or a 'Viewer.' An Editor can add, edit or delete the folder’s contents; a Viewer can only see the contents and cannot change them.

How do I change these permissions, or remove a user?
You can change these permissions at any time from inside the Collaboration Folder. (Note: Only the folder’s creator or a collaborator with Co-Owner or Editor permission can change its users’ permissions). When a Collaboration Folder is open, a list of all collaborators is visible at the right side of the page.

Hover over a name to access a drop-down menu. From it, you can select whether that individual is a collaborator or a viewer, or opt to remove them from the folder entirely


Please click here to learn more about advanced Collaboration Folder features.

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