Can I prevent collaborators from seeing one another in a folder I own?



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If you are listed as the Owner or Co-Owner of a given folder, you will have the option to "Hide Collaborators". With this enabled, collaborators with "Editor" access and below will not be able to see the names of the other collaborators in the folder (Co-Owners will be able to see all collaborators in the folder). To enable this security feature, follow these steps:

  • From within your Box account, find the desired folder you would like to turn this setting on for (make sure you are the Owner/Co-Owner of this folder)
  • Click the dropdown arrow next to the folder and select Properties > General Info. The Folder Properties pop-up displays.

  • Click the Security tab. Alternately, you can click Properties Security  to get this tab directly.
  • Click the checkbox next to Hide collaborators and then click Save to have this setting applied to the folder
Additional Notes:
  • With this enabled, only Owners and Co-Owners will be able to invite new collaborators and see the full list of collaborators. Editors will no longer be able to invite other users to the folder.
  • Collaborators will still be able to see the names of the Owner and Co-Owner(s), but will see the name "Someone" in place of another collaborator’s name
    • Collaborators will be unable to assign tasks to others within the folder
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