What are Shared Links?



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Shared links are URLs that take any recipient directly to the folder or file they need, without giving access to any other part of your account. Unlike standard collaboration – users accessing content via shared links have read-only access and will not be able to make changes to your files. Users who access shared links will not need to have a Box account to view this content.

Follow these simple steps to generate a shared link:

  1. Mouse over the desired folder or file and click Share

  2. In the space that appears below the item, you’ll see a URL next to Link.

  3. To share, simply copy and paste the secure link into an email or document, or click the gear icon to send the link directly through Box. You can change the link settings by selecting the gear icon to the right of the link URL. 


Questions about the difference between shared links?  We’ve got answers!

Who can access the shared link?

  • People with the link: Open to people with the link. Viewers are not required to log in.

  • People in your company: Users with a company email address as well as users external to your organization who have access to a specified folder via collaborator rights. In either case, the recipient must have a verified Box account. Please note that external users will only be granted access via a shared link to the folders of which they have existing collaborator rights.

  • People in this folder: Only users who have been invited to the folder. Please note that collaborators already have access to their content, but shared links can easily direct a user to a specific file or folder.
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