Box Sync 3.x System Requirements


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Can I activate sync on my account?
If you see a Box Sync as an option on your Settings page, it has already been rolled out to your account. We have rolled out Box Sync to our business and enterprise customers.  And because we believe that connecting the desktop to cloud content management is core to the Box platform, we'll also be making a modified version available to Lite and Individual users.

What Operating Systems are supported?
Sync will currently work on

  • Windows 7 and Vista (32 & 64 bit versions)
  • XP (32 bit only)
  • Mac OS 10.6 and higher (64 bit only)

Sync is NOT supported for installation in server environments.

The "My Box Files" folder and the sync client must be installed on the local hard disk, or directly connected external hard disk. Networked drives and Server environments are not supported locations for the "My Box Files" folder.

What files cannot be synced?
Some files may not sync, this is usually due to a naming convention that Windows does not support such as (\, /, ", :, <, >, |, *, ?) to sync these files you will need to log into the web interface and rename the file.

As WebDocs are a proprietary file which cannot be opened by a native application, they will not sync down to your desktop.

The following file types are currently not supported:
·         Hidden files and folders
·         System files and folders
·         Temp files and folders (with extension .tmp)
·         Outlook Storage Files (.pst files)
·         Box Webdocs (.webdoc files)
·         Windows Shortcuts (.lnk files)
·         Quickbook files (.QBW, .QBW.ND & .QBW.TLG)

Box Sync cannot be used as a PC backup utility. This tool is designed to sync specified documents and files between your computer and the cloud, you will not be able to sync an entire drive such as your C drive. Attempting to use Sync as a system-wide backup utility may damage your data.  


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