What Is the Proxy Support for Box Sync?



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Supported Client Settings

  • Automatic Proxy Detection 
  • Automatic Proxy Configuration (PAC file)
  • Manual setting: Select Web Proxy (HTTP) and Secure Web Proxy (HTTPS) and enter the IP address or host name for your proxy server

Proxy Server Settings

  • Proxy server without authentication
  • Proxy server with NTLM AD authentication

Proxy Exceptions

  • Windows: The following exceptions apply to both Sync 3 and Sync 4.
    • Box Sync for Windows does not work with NTLM V2 .
    • The Windows API does not support local file path schema (file://C:\proxy.pac).  Box Sync works if the PAC file path starts with HTTP or HTTPS, but if it doesn't work if the pac file path is the local path. 
  • Mac: Box Sync only supports manual configurations on Sync 3.


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