Box Sync 3.x Issues folder: FAQs



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What is a Box Sync Issues folder?

The Box Sync Issues folder is created on your local computer by sync. It will be in the same location as your My Box Files (for a PC) or Box Documents (for a Mac) folder. It contains all the files/folders that were in your My Box Files/Box Documents folder that Box Sync had not synced when the Box Sync Issues folder was created.


When is the Box Sync Issues folder created?

A Box Sync Issue folder will be only created when

  1. You uninstall and reinstall Box Sync.
  2. You install Box Sync when you already have a My Box Files/Box Documents folder at the default location.
  3. You run the repair tool when items are unsynced.

Files and folders are usually moved to the issues folder when sync detects :

  1. The file exists locally but not on Box.
  2. The file was renamed / moved from the location online but never got reflected locally.
  3. The user was removed as a collaborator and that change was not pushed down to sync.


What to do after the sync issues folder is created?

Check if files were updated online by spot check. They can move the files back into My Box Files/Box Documents folder and sync will pick up the changes.

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