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Box For Android - Support FAQ

Box for Android

Q: How Do I Upload Multiple Files?

A: To upload multiple files from the Android app, hit the upload button (up arrow), select "Any File", and just check the box next to the files you want to upload.

You can also upload multiple photos directly from your photo "Gallery". From the "Gallery" app, just long-press on any photo or even album to select multiple images. Then using the share button, you can upload your photos/album directly to Box. Also see: How do I upload/download files on my Android device?

Q: How Do I Edit My Box Files?
A: Box for Android let's you edit files using your favorite apps, but seamlessly saves them back to Box so you never have to leave the app. When in file view, just click "open with", select the app you want to edit with, make your changes, save the file, and watch it automatically upload back to Box.

Q: I Can Login on, But Not Through the App?

A: With some Android devices, email addresses are case sensitive. Make sure you are logging in using the same capitalization you registered your Box account with.

If you are a business or enterprise customer, you may want to check with your account admin, to make sure the Box for Android app has been enabled for your business.

If your company uses Single Sign-On, make sure you are using the SSO login link at the bottom of the sign-in page. If you have registered using Google's SSO see below.

Q: Why Can't I Login Using Google Single Sign-On?

A: Presently, the app doesn't support Google's version of Single Sign-On. If you use Google SSO to login into Box, you will just need to create a password by visiting your account settings on the full-site version of

Q: What is "Enable 'Upload to Box' Everywhere"?

A: The "Enable 'Upload to Box' Everywhere " setting will give you the option to send any file you open/download directly to the Box app.

If there are file types you want opening in a specific app (email, music), just make sure to check the "Use By Default For This Action" box when selecting the app.

If you accidentally select Box as the default app, just go to Settings > Apps > Box > Launch By Default > Clear Defaults. The next time you open that file type, you will be asked to choose your app again.

Q: I Downloaded the App, But Don't Have 50GB of Storage

A: The Android 50GB promotion ended March 23rd, 2012. Box is always offering new ways to increase your storage, so keep an eye out for the next promotion.

Q: Can I Sync Folders to Box?

A: While Box for Android will sync your files with all your other Box applications, right now no offline-syncing exists for the Box for Android app.

Q: How Do I Download/Upload My Files?

A: The Box app gives you options for both uploading and downloading. The upload button will let you access any file on your SD Card, while the download button will make your files "available offline" directly through the Box app. Using the download button will also save your files to your SD card ( located at sdcard/Box/'your Box username'), but you will need a file managing app like 'Astro' to access them. Using the "share" button, you can also upload your files from other apps directly to Box. Also see: How do I upload/download files on my Android device?

Q: Multi-file Upload Keeps Failing On Me

A: While Box is always working on improving the stability of uploads, due to the limitations of bandwidth and mobile networks, the larger your upload, the higher the chance that the upload will fail. If you are experiencing any issues with mobile uploads, try reducing the size of your upload by splitting it into smaller batches. If you continue to have issues, try using our full-site at for better stability. For large files, it is always recommended to use a WiFi connection.
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