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Downloading Box for Android 3.x

You can download the app directly from Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.box.android


Box for Android, Release 3.0

Box for Android 3.x is overhauled and built for speed and simplicity. This release provides the best mobile productivity experience on any Android device. Release 3.0 provides the following benefits and features:

  • Improved Image Viewing: A lightning-fast document previewer (supporting preview for more than 100 file types) allows you to run through slide presentations right from your Android phone or tablet. 
  • New OneCloud App Gallery: Box has made it easy to find great apps to work with all your files by adding a fully native OneCloud app gallery.
  • Overhauled Menus: Box has overhauled every screen to ensure a fast, reliable, and enjoyable  experience.
    • The additional sliding menu on individual file and folder rows.
    • Improved navigation with a new swipe menu on every item helps you get to actions faster. 
    • The new user tour and information headers is visible on each folder. 
  • Localization: Added Polish and Turkish language support, bringing the total number of languages that our app supports to 26.
  • Metadata support in SDKs: Box has integrated metadata into the Android SDK.


Box for Android, Release 3.1

  • Enhancements to grid view: Available for tablets.
  • Ability to @mention in Comments: See Using Comments and Tasks for more information.
  • AirWatch-compatible Version: This buid is available upon request.
  • Additional Improvements: Multiple enhancements to improve the usability and stability experience.


Box for Android, Release 3.2

  • Box Notes on Android 4.4+ (KitKat): You can now create, view, and edit Box Notes just like you do on the Box web application. Box Notes on Android features seamless integration into the native menus, allowing for all the basic editor features you’d expect: cut, copy, paste, bold, italic, underline, bullet list, numbered list, indent and outdent.
  • Recently Opened Section: Provides a list of recently-opened files along with the set expiration dates and prevent downloading options for shared links.
  • New Admin-Controlled Client Settings: To copy/paste, open in other apps, and download content automatically.
  • Folder List: Ability to pull to refresh a folder list.
  • Delete Comments: Ability to delete comments on files.
  • Box for EMM: General availability of Box for EMM on Android upon request.
  • Additional Improvements: Multiple enhancements to improve the usability and stability experience.


Box for Android, Release 3.5

  • View and manage collaborators in folder: Use the People icon in the Action Bar of any folder to add, view and manage collaborator permissions -- invite different accounts using email addresses.

  • Favorites: Swipe across files/folders or use the Action Bar overflow menu to mark them as Favorites, which are then collected in the Favorites area for easy access.

  • Printing on Android 4.4+: Use the Action Bar overflow menu in file previews to try Printing using Google Cloud Print (only on Android 4.4 or higher).

  • Checklists in Box Notes: Besides number and bullet lists, Box for Android now supports checklists in Box Notes as a new list type. Each item in the checklist has a check box next to it (only on Android 4.4 or higher).


Box for Android, Release 3.6

  • Push Notifications
  • For this release, we are triggering push notifications for 2 events:
    1. You will get a push notification when you are added as a
    collaborator to a folder.
    2. You will get a push notification when someone comments on a
    file you have uploaded (most recent uploader gets the notification).
  • Below, the image on the left shows that you have a push notification from Box, and the image on the right shows the actual push notification when you access your Notifications on your device.


  • After you accept a push notification, you'll be redirected to the Box app and then into the item where you've been invited to collaborate or where a comment was added.
  • Note: Admins cannot disable push notifications. Only users can disable them from their device settings. We highly discourage users from disabling push notifications, as disabling this feature will result in a degraded user experience. Disabling push notifications also disables local notifications, which means that users will not receive any notifications when files save back to Box. 
  • FAQs
  • Will I receive push notifications when I am actively using the Box app?
  • When you are running the Box app, you won't be notified when push notification is coming. 
  • I'm inviting someone to collaborate on a folder, but that person is not receiving a push notification. What's wrong?
  • Ensure that the person has auto-accept enabled for collaboration invitations. If auto-accept is disabled, explicit user action is required, and there is no need to issue a push notification.


  • Bookmarks
  • Preview: You will notice that your saved Bookmarks will now be visible on iOS. When you tap on a Bookmark, you will be able to preview it within Box. You will also be able to open the Bookmark in your mobile browser.
  • Move, copy, delete, comment, share, and add to Favorites: With 3.6, you will now be able to take these actions on Bookmarks. You will also be able to add them to your Favorites list.
  • Share links to Bookmarks just as you would for any file in Box by clicking the link icon.
  • Add comments to Bookmarks using the comment icon.
  • FAQs
  • Why can't Bookmarks be saved for offline access?
  • Bookmarks are links to web-based documents, and, as such, saving them offline would not be useful.


  • Preview-Only Offline Use
  • Users with "Preview only” permissions for a folder will be allowed to save it for offline use when the admin has allowed that setting in the Mobile tab in enterprise settings. “Preview only” folder contents will never leave the Box app container.



  • External Collaborated Folders: Folders owned by someone outside your enterprise will be shown in grey to indicate externally-owned content. 
  • Localization: Added Danish and Norwegian language support.
  • Password-Protected PDFs: Added support for password-protected PDFs. 
  • Additional Stability improvements and bug fixes.



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