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A majority of 3rd party applications and our OneCloud partners now support SSO and have a dedicated SSO login button "Use Single Sign On (SSO)". If your company has SSO required, you can click on the SSO log in button and then enter your Box specific email address. This should then redirect you to your company login page, where you will need to log in with your company credentials. You will then be redirected to your Box account.

Please see the steps below for SSO login:

1. Inside the application you want to use locate Box by looking for the "App Integrations" or "Server Connections" and select the "Box" connection

2. Depending on the application, you may be asked to enter your username (email address) before you can see the SSO login button

 3. Select "Use Single Sign On (SSO)"

4. You will then need to enter your Box specific email address

5. You will be redirected to your company company login page, where you will need to enter your company credentials in order to gain access to your Box account


- While the Box API supports SSO login, because of the customization that goes into setting up SSO, occasionally there are apps or SSO configurations that are not optimized for SSO login on mobile. If it does not work for an app, you will need to create a Box-specific password in your account settings to login with.

- SSO won't work for any app using WebDav or FTP

- If the account has SSO required, a Box-specific password will not work unless the app is using WebDav to authenticate (ex. QuickOffice, DocsToGo, GoodReader)

- 3rd Party App developers must also optimized their apps for SSO login, so you may see issues on an app by app basis

-If you are not able to log into your Box account from within a third party application your admin may have disabled this application for the Enterprise from within the Admin Settings. You would have to contact your admin to have them enable the application for the Enterprise from within the Apps tab of the Admin Console.


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