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Box aims to help users work together, share files easily and access key documents from anywhere, on any device. As one of our native mobile apps, Box for Windows Phone helps users stay connected and productive while on the go.

The app can be downloaded from the Windows Phone store.

What features are included in Box for Windows Phone?

  • Box for Windows Phone lets you:
    • Access and view content on your Windows Phone
    • Preview more than 100 different types of files automatically
    • Upload multiple images and videos and edit file descriptions
    • Easily share files and folders as links
    • Invite colleagues to shared folders, leave comments on files for them or start discussions at the folder level
    • Add, delete, and change the permission settings for collaborators in folders that you own
    • Find content fast with search
    • Pin live and wide tiles to your Start screen to see your Updates feed or updates on specific files by colleagues (specific to Windows Phone)
    • Open Office documents and PDFs directly in Microsoft Office
    • Slideshow viewer for folders with pictures (specific to Windows Phone)
    • Manage your files and folders with batch move, copy, and delete operations
    • Protect your content with an application passcode lock
    • Keep your content safe via security features such as two-factor authentication and admin-controlled settings.

What do I need to know about logging in or signing up? 

  • As of version 2.1, users will sign up and log in to Box for Windows Phone and Windows 8 apps through OAuth2, which we now utilize across all Box apps.
  • This update logs users out and requires re-authentication across Windows devices (desktop, laptop, tablet, and phone).
  • For information on how to integrate with Box, visit our OAuth 2.0 documentation.

How do I pin Box as a live tile on my Start screen?

  • From the app list (right of the Start screen), press and hold on the Box app icon and choose to “pin to start.” For the maximum amount of glance-able information, press and hold the tile and resize it to its wide (largest) size.
  • Note that you can also pin secondary tiles for individual files and folders you want to keep easy access to. Just navigate to the file or folder and choose the app bar option to “pin to start.”

What types of files can I preview on my Windows Phone?

  • You can preview over 100 different file types (except for audio, video, and flash), including those listed here:
    What file extension types can be accessed by Box's Content Preview?
  • You can also swipe between file previews within a folder, making it simple to quickly find the content you’re looking for before downloading or opening

How can I open Office documents from the Box app?

  • Simply navigate to the document you are interested in, and if you want to open a copy of the file in the native Office viewer, tap on “open file” while the preview is active.

Am I able to edit them and save back to Box?

  • Unfortunately, files opened in the native Office viewer cannot be saved back to Box.

How can I share files with my coworkers?

  • There are two ways to share files: by sending a link (read-only) and by adding them as collaborators in a folder so they can make edits, add comments and more.
    • Sending a link: Navigate to the file or folder you want a link for, then tap on the Share icon on the app bar. Now you can opt to send the link via email, the Windows Phone messaging hub or social networks. You can also just copy the link by tapping on the “copy link” icon on the app bar.
    • Inviting a collaborator: While in a folder, you can swipe to the “collaborators” pivot to see a list of current collaborators in the folder with you. From there, tap on “add collaborator” from the app bar to reach a page where you can invite someone via email address or choose from your address book. You can also choose the level of permissions the new collaborator(s) will receive, such as Viewer only.

What about Windows 8? Is that a different OS than Windows Phone?

  • Yes, Windows Phone and Windows 8 are different operating systems
  • Windows Phone is Microsoft’s operating system for phones
  • Windows 8 is Microsoft’s newest operating system for desktops, laptops and tablets. Windows 8 is the successor to Windows 7 on the desktop, and offers new kinds of touch-friendly apps for end-users. You can download Box for Windows 8 here.

What languages are available for Box for Windows Phone?

  • Arabic
  • German
  • Chinese (Simplified)
  • Chinese (Traditional)
  • Danish
  • Dutch
  • English (UK)
  • English (US)
  • Finnish
  • French
  • Hebrew
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Norwegian
  • Polish
  • Portuguese (Brazil)
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • Swedish
  • Turkish

What security features are available for Windows Phone devices?

  • We require email verification for new accounts created through the app.
  • Admins and individual users can enable 2-step verification for login and perform remote log-outs.
  • In addition, admins can require passcode locks for the app as well as set the length of time of inactivity that triggers the passcode lock. And to prevent data leakage, admins can restrict the ability to download content from Box to the device.

Where can I get more information?

See for additional information.

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