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What is OneCloud?

Box OneCloud is our ecosystem of 3rd party mobile apps that integrate with Box services. With OneCloud, any developer can make an app and use Box as a secure destination to store content. For our users, this means that they can use any app to access, edit, or create content, but have the convenience and security of saving it their centralized Box account. 

I Can Log into Box, but Cannot in OneCloud. Why?

The first thing to do, is make sure that your A

dmin has not restricted the app you trying to log into. You can check this on by going to the apps tab (cloud icon) and searching for the app there. If your admin has restricted this, the app will not show up there. You can contact your admin for more information on why that app is restricted. If you are still having trouble logging into the app, make sure you are logging in with SSO properly. For clarification on this, see below.

Who Do I Contact If A OneCloud App Is Not Working?

If you are accessing your Box files through a 3rd party app and having problems, the first thing to do is contact the developer of the app. If the issue is something on Box’s end, it’s best if the developer contacts us directly to troubleshoot directly. 


Do OneCloud Apps Support SSO?

The Box API supports SSO login natively, so you can login into most OneCloud apps using your company/university credentials. To use SSO on a 3rd party app:

  • Find the Box login Page
  • Enter Your Box email address and leave the password field blank
  • You will be redirected to your company SSO page
  • Login with your company credentials

One thing to be mindful of is that NOT ALL ONECLOUD USE OUR API. Apps like GoodReader and QuickOffice use WebDav to connect to Box. Since WebDav does not support SSO, you will need to login using a Box specific password. You can generate a Box specific password by going to, going to the Accounts tab, and at the bottom of the page select “Create Box Specific Password.”

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