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SimpleShare: Installation and FAQs

SimpleShare allows you to quickly and automatically upload screenshots to your Box account and share them with others.

Mac: To install the application on Mac please be using Mac 10.6 or higher Visit and choose 'Install' locate SimpleShare in your applications folder and launch it.



PC: To install the application on a PC please be running Microsoft XP or higher, SimpleShare supports 32 and 64 bit installations. Just download and follow the on-screen installation prompts.



The first time the application is launched you will be prompted to login with your Box email login and password. Once it is set-up SimpleShare will run in the background and can be accessed from the Menu-bar icon.

Using SimpleShare
SimpleShare works in two ways: it will automatically upload new screenshots to your account. On the Mac you can drag any file from your computer onto the SimpleShare icon to upload. On a PC just right-click on any item and choose 'Upload with Box' from the pop-up menu to upload the file through SimpleShare. Items uploaded through SimpleShare will automatically be shared and the files link will be added to your clipboard.

So all you need to do is:

  • Take a screenshot, or upload a file with SimpleShare
  • Wait for the check to appear, letting you know the file has been uploaded
  • Then Paste the link anywhere you want to share it

Clicking on the SimpleShare icon (right-click on PC) will show you a history of items uploaded to Box, and clicking on one will take you to that item's shared page, so you can easily get a previous Shared Link.



Advanced Settings
Click on the SimpleShare icon and choose 'Preferences.'
On the 'Account' tab you can log out and log into a new account, and quickly go to the folder on your Box account that stores your screenshots.



The 'Preferences' tab allows the following:

  • Delete screenshots after uploading: This will remove the screenshot from your computer so it only exists in Box.
  • Delete all other file types after upload: This will automatically delete an item that you dragged to the SimpleShare application from your computer after successful upload. 
  • Disable automatic uploads: Selecting this option will disable uploading upon taking the screenshot. Only manually dragged items will be uploaded. 
  • Copy URL to clipboard after upload: Turning this off will disable having a shared link automatically saved to your clipboard. Launch application on startup: This allows the application to launch automatically when your computer boots.



If you need to contact Box Support about an issue with SimpleShare, please include a copy or your SimpleShare log file. It will be found in your Temp folder and have a filename like this SimpleShare2012-04-25.log

A quick way to get to the Temp folder is to type %TEMP% into the Search box on Windows 7 and then press Enter key.  This should open your Temp folder where you can find your SimpleShareYYYY-MM-DD.log file.

For example: C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Temp

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