Optimizing Folder Structure



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What Was the Previous Behavior?

In some cases, users who were invited independently to a parent folder and one of its children would see both folders at the root level of their Box account in the All Files page. This was confusing because the child folder would also show in its appropriate location, underneath the parent.  

For example, you were able to view the following folders your All Files page:

  • A parent folder (Folder A) where you accepted a collaboration invitation
  • A sub-folder (Folder Aa) within Folder A where you also accepted a collaboration invitation

What Did Box Change?

In September 2014, Box removed collaborative sub-folders that appear at the root level. Now, sub-folders that appeared at the root level are properly nested within its parent folder.

Note: Box did not remove or delete any Box content as a result of this change.

Why Did Box Make This Change?

Box is constantly optimizing the user experience. We changed this behavior to reduce user confusion at the root of your account.

Finding Your Files in the New Structure

Now, you can find Folder A and Folder Aa in this structure: All Files > Folder A > Folder Aa.

If you are unable to locate the content, we recommend you leverage the search tool. If you prefer to restore your previous folder structure, then add a bookmark to your All Files page.


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