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When Admins wish to delete a managed user from your organization's account, the admin/co-admin may go to Admin Console >Users, click on a user’s name and choose "Delete this user". A screen would pop up to allow you to transfer these contents to another user. If this is successful, the contents would be put in a folder called "User A's files and folders" and would reside in the root level of the User B’s account, whom you have chosen to transfer these contents to.

In certain cases, the admin may see the error message "Oops, an error has occurred". If this happens to you please follow these steps:

  1. Check to see whether there is enough space in the account of User B whom you are transferring these files to. If the space is not sufficient to hold the files that you are transferring,
  2. Go to Admin Console > Users, click on User B’s name and assign more space to the user at the "Storage Quota" field under "Edit User Account Details".
  3. Make sure that you are entering the email address of an existing managed user to transfer these contents to. They would have to be an existing managed user under your account in order to be the new owner of these contents.
  4. Make sure that the user you are trying to delete is marked as an "Active" user in the "Status" drop down under the "Edit User Account Details" section. User marked as any status other than "Active" would not be successfully deleted.

If the transfer still fails after these are checked, please contact Support by submitting a ticket via with the following information:

  1. The email address of the user who you are trying to delete
  2. The email address of the user who you are trying to transfer the contents to
  3. A screenshot of the error message
  4. Grant us access to the admin’s account by going to Admin Console > Admin Settings > Security > Grant Box access for 5 days


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