Troubleshooting Java to Resolve Upload Folders issues in Windows 7



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Note: Chrome no longer uses Java for Upload Folders. These steps apply to Internet Explorer and Firefox.

To resolve Upload Folders issues in Windows 7 with IE and Firefox you will need to allow Java to run when using Box Upload Folders.

  1. Try Upload Folders. It should show confirmation dialogs for: 
    1. the accompanying certificate has been verified, and
    2. request permission to install the certificate and Run the application

In Internet Explorer click "Allow" to let the folder uploader launch:

Click Run on the Java popup dialog:

Firefox users may see these popup dialogs:

Click the lego icon or Activate Java Deployment Toolkit as shown in the image above and then select "Allow and Remember" as shown below:

If the steps above don't resolve the Upload Folders issue, please try uninstalling and reinstalling Java:

  1. Go to the Control Panel > Programs and Features > Find "Java" in the list and Uninstall it
  2. Remain in Control Panel > Folder Options > Click the "View" tab > and add a "check-mark" in the option: "Show hidden files, folders". Click OK
  3. Go to My Computer > Hard Disk Drive C: > Users > Your UsernameAppData > LocalLow
    For example: C:\Users\tberry\AppData\LocalLow\
  4. Look for and delete any "Sun" folder (which will contain a copy of the certificate verification details)
  5. Also delete any "Java" folder (although there is unlikely to be one if the uninstall worked in step 1).
  6. Go to Control Panel > Folder Options > Click the "View" tab > and remove the "check-mark" in the option: "Show hidden files, folders". Click OK
  7. Restart computer.
  8. Install latest version of Java.
  9. Now try Upload Folders.

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