How to Uninstall Box Sync 3.x


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There may be times when Box Support asks you to uninstall Box Sync from your computer if you encounter a Box Sync issue. Please note, you must have admin privileges on your computer to uninstall Box Sync. Here are the directions for uninstalling Box Sync: 

Uninstalling Box Sync on a PC:

1. In Windows, open "Control Panel"
2. Select "Programs" > "Uninstall a program"
3. Scroll down the list and select "Box Sync"
4. Click Uninstall

Uninstalling Box Sync on a Mac: 

1. Open the application "Activity Monitor" on your Mac and search for Box Sync. Select "Quit Process" then choose "Force Quit."
2. Open "System Preferences," then right-click on the Box Sync icon and choose "Remove Box Sync Preference Pane"
3. Open "Finder" on your Mac, navigate to "~/Library/Application Support" and delete the "Box" folder by moving it to the trash
4. Restart your computer

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