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Box for LinkedIn Overview and FAQs

Box for LinkedIn Overview and FAQs

LinkedIn recently announced a new profile design that replaces its current inApps platform with a new method for viewing content like documents, presentations and videos from a profile page. As a result, the current Box inApp integration is no longer supported.  

Part of the new design, LinkedIn has developed a new tool to let users showcase 3rd party portfolio-type content on their profiles. You can now choose individual Box files to display on your profile, making it quick and easy to share important content with visitors.

When would I use the Box for LinkedIn integration?

  • By adding files from Box to a LinkedIn profile, you can share important content for profile visitors to view and download.
  • Example use cases:
    • Looking for a job? Share your resume or portfolio on your LinkedIn profile so your LinkedIn contacts have access.
    • If you're recruiting, get your employees to spread job requisitions virally by posting them to their profile.
    • Small business? Consultant? Freelancer? Post a one-pager or presentation that will get you hired.
    • Are you a start-up? Post your company overview to get angels, VCs, potential employees and customers excited about what you're launching.

How do I add Box content on the new profiles?

  • After opting in to the new profile type, you can easily add a specific Box file to display in the LinkedIn professional gallery
  • To get started, copy and paste the file’s direct link in the LinkedIn professional gallery on the page
    • Find the direct link by previewing the file as you normally would in Box, selecting File Options > Share > Get Link to File and then clicking on Direct Link to generate the URL
    • Paste it directly in the LinkedIn professional gallery
    • Repeat the same steps for other files you’d like to add to your profile

***Please note that our Direct Link functionality is only available to Business and Enterprise customers. Free users can simply copy and paste a Box shared link anywhere in their LinkedIn profile. Shared links will not automatically begin downloading, nor are they clickable, but will provide access via cut-and-paste into a web browser.

What types of files can be added?

  • Currently, the LinkedIn professional gallery allows users to add and display .pdf, .ppt and some image files (.jpg, .gif and .png)
  • Some common file types, such as .pptx, .doc, .tiff and .docx are not supported
  • Please contact LinkedIn for a full list of supported file types
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