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Box Partner Network Overview and FAQs

Box recently announcing the Box Partner Network, an ecosystem of channel, strategic and technology alliance and platform partners. The Box Partner Network helps extend Box’s content and collaboration service into entirely new markets and reflects our dedication to building and nurturing a strong partner ecosystem.

Box’s expanding ecosystem allows partners the flexibility to engage with Box in the way that makes the most sense for their business, while still allowing their customers to keep content in the center of their business, no matter what application they are using.

How do you join the Box Partner Network?

How long are partners required to be part of the Box Partner Network?

  • There is no minimum length of time required to be part of the Box Partner Network

What are channel partners? What’s the difference between a referral partnership and a reseller partnership?

  • Channel partners are partners that sell on behalf of Box. Box has two types of channel partners: Reseller partners and Referral partners.
  • A referral partner earns a commission on the first year’s closing deal value for every referral that signs up for Box Business or Enterprise. Benefits for being a referral partner include no administrative overhead and can get a 10% commission check for just turning over the lead.
  • A reseller partner earns a discount of 20-30% for the 1styear ARR of all new customers plus volume discounts for larger opportunities. They also receive a recurring discount of 20% over the life of the account starting in year two. Reseller partners own the billing relationship and continue to be the trusted advisor to clients, owning the sales cycle and managing the customer account. There are three types of reseller partners:
    • Member partner: Member partners are the entry level tier for resellers and often have a SMB customer base and commit to selling a minimum of 100 licenses or $20K in annual sales.
    • Choice partner:  Choice partners are mid-sized resellers and are the standard acceptance level for partners able to commit to a higher annual sales requirement. Choice partners commit to a minimum 1K licenses or $200K in annual sales. Choice partners also receive additional benefits such as discounts for customers during their first year annual contract.
    • Premier partner: Premier partners are invite only. Premier partners are resellers focused on mid to large enterprises, commit to selling a minimum of 3K licenses or $500K of annual sales. Added benefits include exclusive features, additional discount benefits, rebates and resources for success.

What are the benefits of becoming a Box channel partner?

  • Accelerate sales: Differentiate your business by offering the industry leading content sharing platform that allows collaboration from any application and device
  • Drive growth and long-term profitability: Get discounts for selling box licenses and generate revenue for the life of the customer
  • Gain higher margins: Earn more profit when you sell licenses with volume discounts, on top of the stated program discount
  • Create success in content collaboration: Capitalize on the growing market in cloud collaboration, content sharing and management and enterprise mobility

Is there anything special/different about the version of Box that the channel is reselling?

  • No, channel partners will sell the same version of Box available from 

Where can I get more information?

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