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Box is integrated with MobileIron AppConnect, a mobile application management solution from MobileIron. MobileIron AppConnect separates corporate apps from personal apps on your mobile device, with IT only having control over the corporate apps and data. The integration gives IT confidence that sensitive data will not be lost when accessed from mobile devices, while enabling end users to do their jobs more effectively with Box on mobile devices.


What features are available for Box for MobileIron AppConnect?

  • MobileIron Device Pinning – Only allow corporate users to log in to a device that is authorized by MobileIron
  • Disable/enable open-in – Restrict the ability to open Box content into other apps
  • Disable/enable cut, copy and paste – Restrict the ability for users to cut, copy or paste content from Box
  • Disable/enable printing – Restrict the ability for users to print content from Box
  • User login enforcement – Only allow users to log in to a Box account that is authorized by MobileIron
  • White-list open in – Only allow users to ‘open in’ to apps authorized (white-listed) by MobileIron


Can users have both Box for MobileIron AppConnect and Box for iPhone and iPad installed on their device?

Yes, users can have both the regular Box app (for personal use) and Box for MobileIron AppConnect (for corporate use) installed on their device at the same time. Box admins can disable access to the standard Box for iPhone and iPad app anytime via the admin console in the Enterprise Settings.


What are some use cases that this integration helps solve?

  • For employees in sales and marketing organizations that are frequently on the road meeting with customers and attending conferences, the integration allows them to remotely wipe all corporate apps and data if a mobile device is lost. 
  • Legal teams dealing with sensitive information can ensure data is encrypted and disable the ability to print or copy/cut/paste from the Box mobile app. 
  • HR organizations can prevent leaks of confidential corporate content outside the organization by disabling the ability to open-in content from Box into other apps. 
  • IT pros can easily wipe all corporate apps and data without affecting personal apps on the device if an employee leaves the company. 


How does it work for the end-user?

End-users will see an icon on their device that looks like the Box app icon, with a small orange badge in the corner. After opening the app, they will be prompted to enter their MobileIron passcode. From there, the user will be taken into the Box app, which provides the same user experience as our standard Box application. Our setup guide to see the full process is available here:


How do admins get access to Box for MobileIron AppConnect?

Contact your Box representative for more information on deploying the integration


How much does it cost?

Box for MobileIron AppConnectis free for existing Box Enterprise customers. A license per user is necessary for MobileIron AppConnect, and is available directly from MobileIron.


On which platforms is it available?

Box for ME is available on iOS today through the App Store, and on Android by installing the latest package marked "MobileIron AppConnect-enabled" from here:


What's new in Box for MobileIron 3.4.1?

Box for MobileIron 3.4.1 is optimized for iOS 8 and includes the following additional benefits:

  • Box Notes is now available on mobile: You can create, edit and share notes in the application. See Box for iOS: Using Box Notes for additional information.
  • Ability to add and manage collaborators in folders: See How do I Add and Manage Collaborators in Folders for additional information.
  • The @mention function allows you to include collaborators in comments: The list of users is restricted to individually-added collaborators in this folder. See Using Comments and Tasks for additional information.
  • A Recently Opened section provides a list of recently-viewed files: See How Do I View a List of Recently Opened Files? for more information.
  • Return to last viewed file or folder if you close the app.
  • Support for basic .OBJ (3D graphics) files: See  supported preview file types for a list of other supported file types.
  • Additional improvements: Multiple enhancements to improve the usability and stability experience.
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