Can I control which devices my users access Box through?



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Can I control which devices my users access Box through?

Yes, admins of Enterprise accounts can now control how their users access Box by using device pinning. 

Device pinning is a new feature that allows enterprise admins to pin their user’s corporate-managed Box account to a particular mobile device, tablet, or desktop application (e.g. Box Sync). Admins also have access to a dashboard in the admin console for managing the following:

  • Enable/disable device pinning
  • Set the number of devices the Box application can be pinned to
  • View all devices associated with each managed user’s account
  • View all devices across managed users
  • Disassociate a device from a user (this will log the user out)

When device pinning is enabled for a business, admins can set a limit on the number of devices that a managed user can pin the Box app to. Once an application has been pinned to certain device, the admin is the only person who can remove that pin.

If you are an enterprise administrator that would like device pinning enabled for your account, please contact your Customer Success Manager or submit a support request at:

For additional information on device pinning please click here:

Device Pinning Overview And FAQs

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