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Box Partner Portal FAQ August 2013

What is the Box Partner Portal platform?

Box is introducing a partner portal which will improve your ease in doing business with Box. The prior paper submission process for both deal registrations and trial requests has been eliminated. This elimination enables better speediness for deal registration processing and enabling our partners to self- provision trials on approved deal registrations. We will continue to develop our partner portal and would welcome your feedback on improvements.

Where is the Box Partner Portal website?

The partner portal website is located at

What is the Box Partner Portal User policy?

Only one partner email address will be provisioned for access to the Box partner portal. If more than one partner employee needs access to the partner portal, it is recommended that a general email address (e.g. be used as the one company email address that will be provisioned by Box. It will be up to the partner company to reset passwords to ensure data security on partner data if an employee who had access to the Box partner portal leaves the partner company.

How do I get access to the Box Partner Portal?

You should have received an email with instructions on sending the required one contact name and email address to the appropriate Box contact. The Box Partner Portal will be officially launching on August 9, 2013 and partners will be able to access it at that time. New partners who have been recently activated need to submit a completed new partner form. Upon receipt, channel operations will enable the email address for access to the portal. When a new portal user is provisioned with access, the user will receive an email which will reflect the user name and temporary password at the bottom of the email. Upon initial log-in to the portal, the partner will be prompted to change his or her password.

I forgot my user name. How can I retrieve this?

Any provisioned users for the Box Partner Portal will have a user name of their email address with the appendage of .boxptr. For example, if the partner portal user’s email address was, the user name to the Box partner portal will be The user name has no impact on ability for the partner to receive our email notifications from the Box Partner Portal.

How do I reset my password?

After going to Box Partner Portal log in page, the user can reset the password by clicking on “Forgot your password?” link. Upon clicking this link, type in the user name (which will include the appendage .boxptr) before hitting the submit button. An email will be sent to your email address with your new temporary password. When you log in, you will be prompted to change your password.

How do I register a deal?

Once logging into the portal, the portal admin can submit a deal registration by pressing the “Submit Deal Registration” button on the home page. Partner will need to submit the necessary information on the two-page form. Any fields marked with a red bar are mandatory fields. Upon hitting the “Submit” button on the second page, an acknowledgement email on the submission will be sent to the partner user. Approval or rejection emails to the partners will be sent within 5 business days after submission per our Deal Registration Policy. More details can be found in the Channel Partner Resources folder.

Can I see the status of my deal registration request?

With the new portal, you can now see the status of your deal registration submissions by clicking on the “Opportunities” button of the Box Partner Portal home page. Select the View that you want to see by clicking on the arrow for the drop down menu. Upon finding the deal registration that you are seeking, click on the link to this deal registration. You will be taken to a new page and you can review status in the field “Deal Reg Approval Status” in the “Deal Reg Information” section. The opportunity owner reflects the Box sales rep on the deal registration.

Another option is typing the deal registration ID in the search box field on the left hand column. Upon hitting “Go”, the search results will pull up the opportunity that you are seeking. Click on the link to obtain additional details for the deal registration.

How do I request an extension to my deal registration?

An approved deal registration is valid for 90 days. Partners can submit a request to extend it longer by going to the specific deal registration in the portal. You can access the deal registration via the “Opportunities” button and then select the appropriate view. If the opportunity is expired, please select “Opps – Expired (Box Partners)”. This view will pull up any opportunities that have expired. If it is still an active opportunity, click "Opps - All Submitted (Box Partners)" or "Opps - Approved (Box Partners)" and select the link of the deal registration opportunity that you would like to extend.

Upon going to the next page and at the top of the page, there is a “Request Extension” button. Once you click on this button, this would trigger a request to the Box sales rep and channel rep to approve an extension. Upon their acceptance, the deal registration would be extended for another 30 days.

Extensions will not be granted for opportunities that have already been closed and an order has been processed against the deal registration. Any upsell orders will require a new deal registration submission.

How do I provision a Box trial account for my customer prospect?

Once a deal registration has been approved, a Box trial account can be provisioned for the customer prospect. In order to provision a trial, log in to the Box Partner Portal and click on the Opportunities button. Click on the link for the approved deal registration that you want to provision a trial for. You will be taken to another page reflecting additional details of the deal registration. At the top of the page, click on the “Create Box / Instance” button. Fill out the appropriate details and hit the “Save” button. Upon successful submission, an email for the Box trial will be sent to the customer prospect. In addition, a separate trial request acknowledgement email will be sent to the partner (with a copy to the Box sales rep and channel rep). More details can be found in the Channel Partner Resources folder.

Please note that if a customer prospect’s email address already has a Box account, the trial request will not be provisioned. Only one Box trial can be provisioned per email address. In these situations, you may select a different email address for the customer trial via the contacts section in the opportunity record. You may also contact your Box sales rep co-selling the opportunity with you or for further assistance.

If I see information for my company that is incomplete or inaccurate, how can I update?

For information updates, please contact your Box Channel Manager or send an email to Unfortunately, partners cannot update your own information at this time.

Who do I contact for other Box Partner Portal questions?

Send any questions to and we’ll respond as soon as possible. If you have an urgent need, you can contact your Box channel rep and they can assist.

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