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HP Windows Promotion FAQ

What are the offer details?

New HP PC customers will get 25 or 50GB of storage plus Box sync when they sign up for a new Box account (no credit card required) or log into their existing Box account via the Box Windows 8 app. 

Where can I find the offer?

The Box app comes pre-installed on select HP computers and can be found on the Windows 8 Start screen.  Customers can also download it from the Microsoft App Store. 

How do I redeem the offer?

For customers with an existing Box account, they will be automatically upgraded to 25 or 50GB when they log in via the Box Windows 8 app on their new HP PC. 

Customers with a new Box account will receive a confirmation message on the offer once the account is successfully created.

Instructions on Box Sync will be sent from Box following the activation of a new account or log in from an existing account.

Will these offers expire?

These offers will run through 12/31/14.  Accounts created with these offers will not expire. 

Which HP devices qualify for the offer?

Any of the HP devices come with the Box app preinstalled or can run Windows 8 and download the Box app from Windows store qualify for the 25GB or 50GB offer.   

The 50GB offer is available the following devices:

Windows 7&8 – Select HP ENVY, HP Spectre, HP Business Elite and Pro series

Android - HP SlateBook10x2 

The 25GB offer is available the following devices:

Windows 7&8 – Select HP Pavilion, HP and Compaq branded devices

Android - HP Slate21 All-in-One

How long will I get the additional storage? Will my account get downgraded after the promotion?

Once you get your additional storage, you’ll never be downgraded; once you have it, the space is yours forever.

What if I already have a Box Personal account? Can I get the additional storage?

Yes, just log into your Box account from the app and you’ll be upgraded to an account with 25GB or 50GB of storage.

Can an existing Business or Enterprise user receive the additional storage?

Business and Enterprise users are not eligible for this promotion

If I already have a 25GB account from another promotion, do I get 25GB or 50GB more of storage?

We’re excited you’ve already taken advantage of one of our other promotions, but unfortunately the 25GB upgrade is one time only.

I got the storage upgrade. Does that mean I only have the extra space on that device?

Now that you have the additional storage, you have access to that space from anywhere, on any device. It is not limited to your mobile device – access your content from anywhere you use Box.

Where can I download Box for Windows 8?

Box for Windows 8 app download:

Where can I get more information?

Box for Windows 8 support page

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