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Box for iPhone and iPad Promotion FAQ

Box for iPhone and iPad Promotion FAQ

What are the offer details?

  • Any new Box user will receive a free 10GB account with Box Sync when they download and log into Box for iPhone and iPad from any iOS device.
  • Existing Box users will receive the upgrade when they log into Box for iPhone and iPad on their device.
  • Existing users with more than 10GB of storage will only receive Box Sync (they will not be downgraded to 10GB).
  • The offer is valid from 9/25/12 through 12/31/12.

Why is Box offering this? 

  • We know that mobile access to your content is important, and think this promotion will go a long way towards giving you an easy, simple and secure way to share and sync your most important files. Now all your critical content will be right at your fingertips, no matter where you are.

How to do I activate Box Sync?

  • Once Box Sync has been activated for your account, you will receive an email with installation instructions. This can take up to 48 hours. As the instructions will share, you can download Box Sync from the Box web app or this landing page once it has been activated.

Can I sign up for this offer through any mobile device?

  • For now, this offer is only available for iOS users.

I already have Box for iPad or Box for iPhone. Can I get this offer?

  • Yes! Just log in to the app to claim the offer. You can, of course, update your app to get the latest version, but you don't need to do that to get this promotion. 

I am an Android/Windows/non-mobile/non-iOS user. Can I get Box Sync too?

  • You can sign up to be part of our Box Sync waitlist now, even if you are not an iOS mobile user. We will enable it as soon as possible, and will send you a notification when it has been activated on your account. 

What if I am an existing iOS user and already have Box Sync? Can I still get my extra 5GB free?

  • Yes, if you download/ sign-into the iOS mobile app during our promotion, you will get 5GB more of storage.

How long will I get the 10GB?

  • Just login to your account on the web app and see your new storage amount. You should also receive an email telling you the new amount.

Will my account get downgraded after the promotion?

  • Once you get your 10GB account, you’ll never be downgraded; once you have it, the space is yours forever. Enjoy!

Does it matter which iOS version or update I download in order to receive this promotion?

  • No, if you download the Box app, you will receive this promotion the next time you log in.

Should I deactivate my Box account and activate a new one to get the 10GB?

  • No, you don’t need to deactivate and activate a new account. Just log into your account from the device.

What if I already deactivated my account?

  • If you have deactivated your account, it will need to be turned on again by our support team. Contact support at

What should I do if I accidentally registered with the wrong email address?

  • If you accidentally signed up with a ‘bad’ email address – one you don’t have access to – you’ll have to sign up for a new account using the correct address.
  • If you used an email address that you have access to, but would prefer a different address, you can make the switch easily in your account settings on the Box site.

Where can I get more information?

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