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Dell Windows 8 Promotion FAQs

What are the offer details?

  • Any new Box user will get 25GB of storage + Box Sync when they log into Box for Windows 8 from any Dell Windows 8 devices. For existing users, they will be upgraded to 25GB of total storage + Box Sync once they log into their account through the Box for Windows 8 app.
  • The 25GB upgrade will happen at login automatically. Users will be sent an email from Box when Box Sync is enabled for their account, with a link to download the app. Box Sync can also be downloaded directly from the Box web app.
  • This offer runs from 10/26/12 – 11/21/15

Which Dell devices qualify for the promo?

  • Any Dell device running Windows 8 that can download Box for Windows 8 from the Windows store qualifies for the promotion.

How long will I get the 25GB? Will my account get downgraded after the promotion?

  • Once you get your 25GB account, you’ll never be downgraded; once you have it, the space is yours forever

What if I already have a Box Personal account? Can I get the 25GB?

  • Yes, just log into your Box account from the app and you’ll be upgraded to an account with 25GB of storage

Can an existing Business or Enterprise user receive a 25GB upgrade?

  • Business and Enterprise users are not eligible for this promotion

If I already have a 25GB account from another promotion, do I get 25GB more of storage?

  • We’re excited you’ve already taken advantage of one of our other promotions, but unfortunately the 25GB upgrade is one time only.

I got the 25GB upgrade. Does that mean I only have the extra space on that device?

  • Now that you have a 25GB Box account, you have access to that space from anywhere, on any device. It is not limited to your mobile device – access your 25GB of content from anywhere you use Box.

Where can I get more information?

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