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Samsung ATIV Tab Windows 8 Promotion FAQs

What are the offer details?

  • Any new Box user will get a free 50GB account when they log into Box for Windows 8, which is preloaded on the Samsung ATIV Tab. For existing Personal users, they will be upgraded to 50GB of total storage once they log into their account through the preloaded app.
  • This offer will run from 10/26/12 through the end of life of the device (~1.5 years)

How long will I get the 50GB? Will my account get downgraded after the promotion?

  • Once you get your 50GB account, you’ll never be downgraded; once you have it, the space is yours forever

What if I already have a Box Personal account? Can I get the 50GB?

  • Yes, just log into your Box account from the app and you’ll be upgraded to an account with 50GB of storage

Can an existing Business or Enterprise user receive a 50GB upgrade?

  • Business and Enterprise users are not eligible for this promotion

If I already have a 50GB account from another promotion, do I get 50GB more of storage?

  • We’re excited you’ve already taken advantage of one of our other promotions, but unfortunately the 50GB upgrade is one time only.

I got the 50GB upgrade. Does that mean I only have the extra space on that device?

  • Now that you have a 50GB Box account, you have access to that space from anywhere, on any device. It is not limited to your mobile device – access your 50GB of content from anywhere you use Box.

Where can I download Box for Windows 8?

Where can I get more information?

  • Box for Windows 8 support page:

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