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Box Edit

Box Edit is a free download that lets Windows and Mac users edit content directly on Box using the native applications installed on their computer. If you can edit it on your desktop –Excel, PowerPoint, Photoshop, iMovie, you name it – you can edit it on Box.

With Box Edit, you can:

  • Edit files quickly: Open a file directly from the preview page on Box, make edits instantly and save the new version back to Box.
  • Create brand new MS Office files directly from Box (i.e. Excel spreadsheets, Word documents and PowerPoint presentations).
  • Forget about file types: PSD files, presentations, images, CAD drawings, Illustrator files – any file you can edit on your computer's desktop you can now edit without leaving Box.
  • Install once: Download and install Box Edit once and it'll work on all your browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer (Windows) and Safari (Mac).
  • Edit and access information without having to keep a local copy on your device.


WebDAM is the leader in Digital Asset Management in the cloud, used by over 200,000+ marketing and creative professionals. When paired with Box, both are even more powerful.
 By adding this app to Box, you can easily share your marketing assets between WebDAM and Box and take advantage of cutting-edge digital asset management features. It is a DAM win-win situation! With Box and WebDAM working together, you can accomplish the following:
  • In just a few clicks, share your marketing assets (i.e. photos, graphics, videos, documents, presentations, etc.) between Box and WebDAM – using either interface
  • Share entire folders and/or individual files
  • Get access to batch file conversion tools
  • Manage the licensing rights of rich media
  • Automatically place watermarks on your files


Figure 11: 
As a WebDAM user, connect to your Box account and share marketing assets with other Box users

As a Box user, connect to WebDAM to use the leading Digital Asset Management solution for your marketing assets


Just as you have a personal email account and a work email account, Box won’t be the only productivity tool you use. Openera presents a single interface to access content from your email, Box, Dropbox and more. It also automatically ingests and sorts your email attachments into the proper folders in Box.

Figure 13: Openera in Box

All of these documents are searchable and easy to share from Box. To make things even more useful, all of the files are tagged and available in Openera as well, providing another view into your content.

Figure 14: Find your Box content within Openera

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