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As a financial services representative, you need to be fully productive whether you are in the office or on the go.  This requires the ability to access customer information as well as fulfill daily workflow.  Box empowers industry professionals to be in front of your customers without leaving operational responsibilities behind.

1. Create a folder structure for that categorizes your daily responsibilities.  Top level folders should include customer portfolios, product information, application forms, account reports, and transaction approvals. 


Figure 1: Organize your root folders according to daily responsibilities

Within these folders, create subfolders to further categorize critical content.  For example, create subfolders within your customer folder by categorizing your customers by profile. 


Figure 2: Organize subfolders to categorize your critical information

3. Certain folders may require extra security.  For example, your customer folder should require more security than the product information folder.  For example, you can restrict the ability to invite collaborators to folder owners and co-owners and restrict access to content via a shared link to folder collaborators only. 


Figure 3: Add folder level security options to keep customer information safe

4. If you are a branch manager, you may consider inviting your operations manager as a collaborator into specific folders.  Let’s say you are attending a meeting, and a new report came in relating to a customer account.  Your operations manager can simply upload this document to your Box shared folder and send you a “@message” in the file’s comment section.  Box will immediately send you an email notification.  Rather than waiting until you return to the branch, you can access this report on the Box mobile app. 


Figure 4: Receive message alerts from your staff when important information is uploaded

5. If you need to keep closer tabs on a particular customer folder, you can set folder level email options to customize which folder activities you want to receive an email notification for.  Now you can monitor a customer’s account without having someone from your branch send you a message.


Figure 5: Customize your email settings at the folder level

Box enables bankers and wealth managers to be productive and accessible on the go.
  By creating a personal workspace in Box, a banker can organize content and customize options to maximize accessibility and security.  By inviting your staff as folder collaborators, you have the peace of mind to know that important content can be uploaded to Box while you’re on the road.  With Box, you are always connected via the cloud.

"Our month-end reports are no longer in unsecure emails that could easily be forwarded around. Instead, they're in a folder in Box, where only the people with permissions can access them. So security is much better."

-Sunny Desai, Business Systems Manager, Broadview Mortgage

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