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All financial institutions strive for operational excellence and consistency within their branch network.  The ability to distribute and store content in a central location is critical.  Box Groups is a tool that allows financial institutions to allocate folder access and permissions to a group of individuals with similar roles. 

 1. In Box’s Admin Console, create a group and name it “Branch Network”.  When creating a group, specify which folders the group will have access to.  You can also specify the access level for each folder.

Figure 14: Create a group and select the access levels of available folders

2. After creating the new group, add the appropriate users to the group.  For a branch network, these users would either be an operations manager or branch manager.

Figure 15: Within the Groups tab, add users to this Group in bulk

3. Each member of the Branch Network group now has access to the folders you specified when creating the group.  Now your branch operations managers will know where they can find all branch-related content.

Figure 16: All your operations managers have the same access to the same folders


4. Let’s say that the financial institution is piloting a whole new customer service process across the branch network.  The bank’s central operations unit sends out a new process overview document and gathers feedback from the branches via Box.  Simply upload the new process document to the Branch Operations folder and ask for feedback from your branches.

Figure 17: Gather feedback from your collaborators via a file's comments section

5. As you make revisions to this process document, Box is always showing the latest version of the document while preserving version history.

Figure 18: View current and past versions of a document via Box's version history


Box makes rolling out new process initiatives to your branch network easy and intuitive.  Box Groups allows admins to offer blanket permissions across a set of users efficiently.  Once a set of users are collaborating on a document, Box’s version history feature allows users to collaborate and always view the most updated version.  With Box, you can forget about emailing attachments to a group of users with different versions residing on individual desktops.


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